Toiletries for a home swap: packing miniatures or sharing?

Many regular travellers are very clever at packing light, with only a carry-on case for a week or more away, and often saving on the high charges for checking in bags now levied by many airlines. Such clever people also sail out of the airport, avoiding the tedious wait for suitcases to (hopefully) arrive on the carousel.

We know that some Home Base Holidays members offer to share some items (snow boots, wellies, warm coats, umbrellas, etc) to save their home exchange guests from having to bring heavy or bulky things that may not even be needed; and some extend this to a generous offer for guests to use any toiletries they want (obviously, if you do use your hosts’ toiletries, replace any items that you’ve used more than a smidgen of before the end of your holiday).

Tt2go-03_305xHowever, if you want to travel light but prefer to use your favourite toiletry brands, look out for either travel-size versions or small plastic containers to fill from your full-size bottles. You should find these in supermarkets or chemists/drug stores but, if you are having trouble finding your favourites, do check out this UK service we recently found, Travel Toiletries 2 Go. Not only does the company sell a full range of toiletries in small sizes, there is also very useful information on hand luggage regulations and baggage allowances for some of the major airlines.